K-Pop Cover Mashup | Talk Talk Korea 2018 Entry: K-Music & Drama

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//Do you want a full cover of any of these songs??? Making these was a lot of fun, so I’ll definitely consider making full versions :D

1. Breathe – Lee Hi
2. 낮보다는 밤 – EXID
4. TT – Twice (ft. 2 friends)
5. Cheer Up – Twice
6. Breathe – Lee Hi

I’ve always had a passion for singing, so making a cover made a lot of sense, but why make one cover when you can mash a bunch together?

My love of K-Pop started in high school after one of my friends recommended I chick it out. Needless to say, I’m kind of obsessed! The community is amazing and I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people, like the lovely ladies singing TT with me :3


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