Worst Kpop Fanwars (New Generation) Part 1

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Worst Kpop Fanwars (New Generation) Part 1

Hi guys!♡

The purpose of this video is not to create more fanwars between the groups that will be mentioned on it.

This is to create conscience, to reflect and realize what are the main reasons of these stupid „fanwars“.

All the stupid, immature, childish, hateful comments will be eliminated immediately.

I know there’s more „fanwars“ in the new generation, but this is only the part 1 of the video, please wait for the part 2♡.

Thanks for watching♡, Hope you like it.

-Guys, I know that „Blinks“ are in the banner, but..I have a problem with my computer and that part was eliminated :'(, so..I’m going to include them in the second part.-
Guys, my video of „The best rappers in the New Generation..“ has been blocked for Inkigayo.

First, they block my video in some countries, and then, they finally block my video worldwide.

Sorry guys..I’m going to try fix it, and re-upload it again if I can :(.

♡Intro: Taeyeon, I got love.
♡Outro: Winner, Island.


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